Saturday, 8 October 2011

Spa Magik

 I received a sachet (50g) in my September glossy box(above is the full size) I neglected to use it for 3 weeks because my thoughts were "oh it's just another salt scrub" oooh noo. no no no. This is not just any old scrub, this is a SUPER SCRUB! No really, it is. Why you ask? Firstly i love the consistency, when you rub it into your skin it feels like any old salt scrub, but then the 'magik' happens. It turns into a lovely silky oil, that smells a-mazing and leaves your skin silky soft.

Another great thing about this product is it only has three ingredients in it -dead sea salts, coconut oil and vitamin E! This product claims to do a number of things...

Helps break down adipose tissue
Reduces cellulite
Detoxifies the body
Increases lymph flow
Improves blood circulation
Speeds up cell metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration
Relaxes the muscles
Soothes nerve endings

... but personally, i'm just happy with the silky skin and that gorge smell!

                              It can be bought from Debenhams and john Lewis for £13.60 for 500g :)