Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Whats in my shower?

Lush Soap- Honey i washed the kids
Spa Magik- Salt brushing
Lush Shampoo- Rehab
Lush Conditioner- American Cream
Lush face scrub - Ocean salt
Lush cleanser- Angeles on bare skin
Lush lip scrub- Mint
Soap&Glory- Glad hair day conditioner
Soap&Glory- Clean on me shower gel
Murad- Acne cleanser
Soap&Glory- Breakfast scrub
No7- Hot cloth cleanser

Friday, 28 October 2011

Chanel, My No1#

All hayle to the one and only...It really IS bloody brilliant.
I don't usually buy things that are raved about (unless its anything by lush) but I've been looking for a new, slightly dewy foundation for a good few months and i hadn't found anything.
 I was going through customs and saw a big Chanel banner and i instantly thought of this foundation. It cost me £25.60, instead of the £31.66, i don't think i would have ever bought it if i hadn't have had that amount off it. It's by far my favorite foundation and i can see why it's so raved about. Go and get a sample people!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Salsa and Latino

While i was in Hammamet, Tunisia, myself and some friends decided to check out the nightlife. We went to two clubs and they were amazing. Not just for the music, the way they all danced. 
Usually when you go clubbing, you expect slightly dirty dancing,grinding and hammerd people jumping up and down (the very reason i don't usually go clubbing). But in Hammamet, they were all dancing Latino and salsa. It was so amazing to see Young people dancing really well, it was so cool!
We all tried our hand at the dancing but not knowing even the basic steps, we reverted back to the english ways, of jumping up and down hammerd.

It has inspired me to take salsa lessons, What has inspired you on holiday?

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Glossy Box, bitterly disappointed

I arrived home from holiday and i was excited to see i had a glossy box waiting for me! It's always beautifully packaged, i can't nock that. But once again i was disappointed with what was inside.

1) The dermalogica rage i received, was all directed for mature skin so i am sorry to say i have no use for this.
2)Leighton Denny nail polish. Yay i love nail polish but will NEVER use this god awful colour. Yuck.
3) Robert Piguet eau de perfume samples. Tiny perfume samples? Really?!
4) Stila eye liner. Now i was excited about this, until i tried to use it! It's broken!!! It's one of those eye liners that you twist so no need for sharpeners but the twisty thing in it has broken and wont push the product up.

I really want to love it, but i don't! I'm not totally giving up on beauty boxes as i think they have great potential.

Any suggestions on a different box i should try?

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Packing, the bane of my life.

So, This morning i have been trying to pack(I'm going on a girls holiday this weekend, for a week). I've only been abroad twice before so i would say I'm kinda new to this. It's impossible to fit everything in that, in a perfect world, i would like to take! So I'm asking for your tips and tricks to packing...Help!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Guys, I went to lush!

After my very good experience with my first ever two lush skincare items, i decided it would be a good idea to go back and try out more! What is it about lush, it's just so addictive! "Once you pop you can't stop!" I will be doing a review if any of these products are worthy of it :) I hope so!

I went mad on my toesies!

Hey chickens!
Ohhhh deeear what did i do?! I got a bit excited. I'm going on holiday next week and went mad with my barry's. I am fully aware my feet now look like a child aged 5, but i think its gunna look CUTE while I'm chilling on the beach. I love going on holiday around this time as summer is leaving  us, catching the last rays before it's all over for god knows how long!

Oh- and no one laugh at my feet please. I know. They're weird.