Friday, 23 September 2011

I got a little E.L.F package...

Well today has been a mixture of bad and good. The bad being i failed my driving test, for the seccond time! And the good, i got a nice little package from E.L.F to cheer me up!...Even if they did forget three things!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

My Cupcakes

I love making cupcakes!!! Well... I love decorating them. And scouring the shops and Internet to find new cute decorations and cook books. I want to share some pictures of the previous ones i have made. Enjoy!

New baby girl
New baby girl in box
My birthday
Lage and Mini ones :D

Monday, 19 September 2011

TOP 5...ok, 6 Make-up Products

As you can see i like to use a total range of brands, relatively high end to rock bottom!
 These products are things i reach to most in my goody make up draw.

HD Brows- I received this in my September glossy box and i've used it every day since i got it. The colours a great and i think filling in ur eyebrows gives you a really nice polished look.
MUA Lipstick, Shade 4- My favourite lipstick i own, ever. And its only £1!
Orly Nail Paint, Rose gold- Absolutely love the colour.
N7 Highlight- A really lovely highlight, it gives you a golden glow which i really like. However, i hate the packaging. The product comes through a stupid brush. Why they have designed it like that i don't know because tons of product comes out and you couldn't possibly use it strait onto your face as you only need a tiny amount! Annoying. But love the actual product.
Bourjois Bronze- Until recently i never wore bronze because i love blush. But i thought i would give it a go. This bronze is a lovely, almost matt and a very natural colour.
Clinique anti-blemish foundation- LOVE IT. It's a medium coverage foundation with a matt finish. It also Fights against blemishes all day as well as being an amazing flawless foundation.yaaay thank you Clinique!

Lush Skincare

Eau Roma Water £4(toner) and Angels on bare skin(cleanser) are the first two lush skincare products I've ever tired. And i LOVE them. It feels great to know there are no chemicals or alcohol in these, which i think is a selling point to all of the lush products. The toner smells really fresh, doesn't take long to dry and feels gentle on skin. The cleanser smells so... natural, like they've just crushed a load of flowers and yummyness into a pot. Which is essentially what it is!

Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've heard soo much about forever 21 and i'm sure you have too so i wont bang on about it too much!
It's an American store, a bit like h&m price wise but better clothes (and i'm saying that as a Major H&M lover). There are only 2 in the UK, Birmingham was the first and recently one has popped up on Oxford ST.
So i went to Birmingham on my birthday and my main aim was to find that store!!! I think my boyfriend got fed up with me saying every 15minuets "where is it????!!!!!" I was really impressed, i thought there was something for everyone and most styles. I spent about an hour in there. I bloody loved it. And OHH YESS i will be sharing some pics, and i would just like to say i held back with buying the whole shop and bought only a handful of thing. Well done me.





Head over heels(Cream)

Topshop blush is £6! I think that's a bargin as they have such pretty colours and packaging. Personally i prefer the powdered formula to the cream because i think it easier to work with! In fact i like most of the Topshop make-up, it's all good quality and looks cutie-tootie!