Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sooooooooooo happy

So i thought i would do a bit more of a private post today...

I recently handed in my notice at a job i really didn't enjoy. It was good money but, it wasn't making me happy! I suck to it for 11 months (which i am very proud of saying i did give it a go) and i finally thought -what am i doing here?! Yes I'm earning money, but is money more important than my happiness?! No girls and boys it is not.
So i took the very risky strategy of handing my notice in without a job to go to. And yes i was peeing my pants. A lot of people didn't think it was a very wise decision but i went with my heart.

My last day was Thursday 6th oct and boy had i been waiting for that day for 10months 29 days. I had my first interview for the next day, and boy did i need it!

I absolutely loved the job i was going for, everyone was lovely, really great place, good location and money. Someone up there must have been pulling some strings for me, because they offered me the job on the spot!!! I still cant believe it. I couldn't have planned it any better!

Follow your heart, have faith and things will work out for you :)

Right after my interview celebrating with some hubbly bubbly


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like the perfect job for you- really hope it goes well :) xxx