Monday, 19 September 2011

TOP 5...ok, 6 Make-up Products

As you can see i like to use a total range of brands, relatively high end to rock bottom!
 These products are things i reach to most in my goody make up draw.

HD Brows- I received this in my September glossy box and i've used it every day since i got it. The colours a great and i think filling in ur eyebrows gives you a really nice polished look.
MUA Lipstick, Shade 4- My favourite lipstick i own, ever. And its only £1!
Orly Nail Paint, Rose gold- Absolutely love the colour.
N7 Highlight- A really lovely highlight, it gives you a golden glow which i really like. However, i hate the packaging. The product comes through a stupid brush. Why they have designed it like that i don't know because tons of product comes out and you couldn't possibly use it strait onto your face as you only need a tiny amount! Annoying. But love the actual product.
Bourjois Bronze- Until recently i never wore bronze because i love blush. But i thought i would give it a go. This bronze is a lovely, almost matt and a very natural colour.
Clinique anti-blemish foundation- LOVE IT. It's a medium coverage foundation with a matt finish. It also Fights against blemishes all day as well as being an amazing flawless foundation.yaaay thank you Clinique!

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