Sunday, 18 September 2011


I've heard soo much about forever 21 and i'm sure you have too so i wont bang on about it too much!
It's an American store, a bit like h&m price wise but better clothes (and i'm saying that as a Major H&M lover). There are only 2 in the UK, Birmingham was the first and recently one has popped up on Oxford ST.
So i went to Birmingham on my birthday and my main aim was to find that store!!! I think my boyfriend got fed up with me saying every 15minuets "where is it????!!!!!" I was really impressed, i thought there was something for everyone and most styles. I spent about an hour in there. I bloody loved it. And OHH YESS i will be sharing some pics, and i would just like to say i held back with buying the whole shop and bought only a handful of thing. Well done me.



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